Rojas Trucks

"Engineered for Progression."

OG Rojas Trucks - 2010

Rojas Hybrids - 2012

Rojas 2020s - 2020

Rojas Revolver Skate Truck

Rojas Revolvers - 2024

Rojas ??? - 2024

Rojas ??? - 2024

From the very beginning (2010) our mission has been to create products that allow both the rider and the industry to progress, to move forward, to continually get better, and push the limits both physically and mentally.

The all encompassing flow that we feel when we are riding down a hill; unbound by restraints, aware of the consequences, and free to choose our path is what keeps us all skating.

That same liberation we experience physically; we strive for mentally in product design.
Free to think creatively. Free to fail. Free to learn.

Innovation is the purest form of freedom and the driving force behind Rojas Trucks.


Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks, Trucks and more trucks.
Ambitious? Or stubbornly determined?

We are working on various Rojas Trucks to release this year in 2024. From adjustable axles to fixed everything. From wheelbite eliminating cams to entry level "Camless", "upgrade later" trucks. There's bound to be the perfect Rojas Trucks for you to skate. Dates & timelines coming soon...

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