Earth & Science United



We are a grassroots company to the core innovating products that we not only want to ride, but we HAVE to ride. We go to sleep at night and wake up thinking about that ride. Getting sideways is what fuels us everyday, but the true reason for the addiction is unknown... Escape or Arrival? Adrenaline or Peace? Conformity or Rebellion? Regularity or Progression? A different day brings different reasons, but one thing remains… We always try to push our limits. Creating products that help us as riders rapidly progress is our goal. Braden Boards was founded for a purpose and still seeks its original mission: Progression.

We embarked on our journey in the beginning of 2011 with goals of providing rider control and confidence. We felt that this could be achieved through different geometry and physics between the board and wheels. After months of rattling our brains and sleepless nights we finally invented the truck that met our demanding expectations. Shortly after, the first set of (Billet) Rojas precision trucks were brought into reality, and they made quite an impression in little time. However, being skate rats ourselves, we still found a problem: Price.


There are two components in our unique equation: patent pending design technology and advanced manufacturing processes. Our team of engineers worked hard to develop a manufacturing process that would cut out a lot of the costs typically associated with billet style precision trucks. We maintained all of the precision at half the cost and stopped producing the expensive predecessors, as they became unnecessary. The result is precision trucks that are the same price as a deck. Do you want to satisfy that quiver of yours? Rojas Hybrids.


Understanding that every industry progresses through science and engineering, has made creativity and innovation stay at the forefront of what we do. We are committed to pushing the limits both in skating and in our minds. The status quo has never been a concern to us, and we plan to continue on our journey of futuristic thought. Join us and the increasing crew of skaters, from around the world, whom are making the switch. Allow your feet to experience innovation, and you will progress. Beyond skating, lets make the world a better place.