2020 Rojas Trucks
Patented Technology. Additional Patents Pending.
Rojas Patent
FOR pRogResSIOn.

WheelBite ELimination

An interchangeable stainless steel insert is locked to a fixed 17-4 kingpin and limits the axial rotation of the hanger in one degree increments.

Any Wheel, Any board. Any Angle.

NO Wheel bite.

Adjustable Rake

Seven different hangers in one. An eccentric axle allows for positive/negative/neutral rake or the lowest (+3mm Rake) ride height in the industry.

17-4 Stainless steel axles.

7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum hangers.

Adjustable Baseplate

Precision steering starts at the foundation. dial in your angle from 48 to 24 degrees and everything in between, All while maintaining the same ride height and slopless return to center.

Bushing Performance

Utilizing zones of compression and tension while moving without friction. progressive to linear or high rebound to hydraulic... Not only the Durometer but the Thickness and Shape change the responsiveness and flow of your truck.

further explanation and details to come...