2020 Rojas Pre-Order Sale

► Fully loaded and ready to be customized like the pros
► 15 cams eliminating wheelbite in 1° increments
► Extra rake nuts and skate tool
► 12 bushings (6 front and 6 back)

We will be in contact via email while your trucks are being built to determine exactly which bushings (72 options) are the best fit for your weight and style of riding.
with so many possibilities, we want to ensure your ideal rebound is met.

you'll have all the right pieces to the puzzle.
to set up your dream trucks... for today that is.
tomorrow it'll be time to try another configuration!

*this is a pre-order sale. trucks will begin shipping the third week of December with the remainder shipping in January.

Add your name

laser engraved across both hangers. No need to explain how awesome that is!

When we discuss your bushings via email, we will also gather your information regarding exactly what you want engraved. The laser makes it permanent so we want to be just as sure as you.

Additional Axles

Already have the trucks, but also love slide wheels and wider axles?

► Made from 17-4 Stainless steel and vacuum hardened
► Ranging from 119mm to 170mm
► 4 Axles. 8 spacers. 8 Nuts.

2020 Bushings

Bushing Shape, durometer, and thickness make the truck handle completely different!

Grab a 3 pack with all three thicknesses included in your desired shape and durometer or grab the single bushing of your choice!

We recommend Startiing with the 14mm, then go to 12mm or 16mm depending on whether you want less or more.

in depth video coming soon...

Hanger Bearings

STainless Steel Bearings are the most crucial component in our 100% Slopless system.

Rain skate or not, replacing your hanger bearings in your rojas trucks re-creates that smooth, frictionless return to center.
no rust. no slop.

Nuts 12-pack

► Includes 4 kingpin nuts and 8 axle nuts

AFter so many times on and off, the nylon inside becomes compressed and compromised. Like oil in a car, replace after so many miles.