Rojas Hybrids

Zones of compression.
Zones of tension,
and precision where it counts.

utilizing a hybrid of manufacturing processes, our patented technology is offered with minimal features and costs in mind.

After five years these trucks are ready for an upgrade.

we are learning a lot from our team with the new 2020 trucks and deciding which new features must cross over.

Maybe one? Or two? Or simply new hybrids with no wheelbite?!

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New 2020 Trucks

A decade of refinement and an obsession with perfection, we finally have a truck that has both function and form.

And.... HOLY SHIT, do they have form!

What started as "the best skate truck we have to offer" for a select few IDF racers quickly grew into a list that was simply impossible to fulfill. with the first round selling out before completion, we are looking at a possible round two of 2020 Rojas trucks.

full details regarding the new tech and pre-orders coming soon!

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