Rojas Bushings (PAIR)

Sold in a pair. TWO bushings

Eight different durometers... And a design that makes our patent pending technology even better... The shape creates a strong center point that Rojas are known for -keeping them extremely stable. The feeling is less restriction during the initiation of a turn and more fluid throughout. Dial in your preference and shred!

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I've skated probably 100+ bushing setups in my day and nothing compares to the Rojas Trucks Bushings.

It took a little getting used to for changing them out depending on what sessions I was about to have, but with the new formula I don't have to swap them out.

I weigh ~250lbs and found that I like riding the 93aHR for duro for pretty much anything. The trucks are SUPER carvy for cruising around with my wife or at the park, and SUPER stable if I'm bombing hills at 40+ MPH. I took the previous version of Rojas to just over 60 MPH and didn't even get speed wobbles when that 3 minute long speed tuck was kicking in 😂.

When you're doing slides they just feel right. I remember my first time riding them out with Jared. We put a set on my top mount and I had some 40% done wheels. I took 3-6 runs down one of our favorite slide hills in Branson, MO and cored my wheels down to the bearing (first and only time I ever did that on purpose).

Did longer stand up slides than ever before (about 40ft+ conservatively), and even felt confident enough to do some toe-side checks at higher speeds than I'd run before. From low speed technical tricks to high speed standies, the trucks just worked, feeling like a secret weapon for downhill and freeride. I mainly just putt around nowadays, but I can't recommend these highly enough if you're looking for a predictable, buttery and stable ride each and every time. Once your bushings are on and everything is tightened up, there's really hardly any maintenance, maybe a little linseed oil for the bushings after a year or so if they're getting squeaky. But it's really nice when you don't have to tighten or loosen your bushings every session, just take your board out and go. Get some!

Waldo Broodryk

September 10, 2018

If your riding 145s the orange front/Blue back is what you need!


August 12, 2018

You guys are the homies thanks!

Marco T.

September 14, 2017

the shape increases the tension towards the extent. the material is comparable to the best polyuerathane. no other trucks would i trust hauling a 50 pound bag downhill. the yellow for 45 or less downhill, the orange for easier skanking.

christopher p.

September 14, 2016


John W.

August 2, 2016

Being 160 lbs the blue 93a bushings didn't quite fit my twitchy style, so once I got the 90a they're so amazing! Just as if not more stable then my PNL precisions, and half the price! 10/10 would reccomend!

Jordan G.

February 19, 2016

These trucks are amazing

john f.

November 27, 2015

I bought my Rojas used, and they came with the old-style reds.
They felt good, but when I switched to the new-style blues, they were amazing, easily the best truck I've ridden. Super stable for downhill, while plenty turny for freeride. It's awesome to only need one truck setup for all kinds of riding!

Adam H.

October 26, 2015

The green bushings I bought are hard but still have fantastic turn and handle well under speed. I expect only the best from my Rojas and these bushings fit the part.

Jeff R.

July 23, 2015

The trucks and bushings are great. The main problem is they takes away from the key novelty of longboarding. They are inherently more stable than any 45-45 rkp truck, but there isn't much customization you can do beyond the bushings and a wedged riser or shock pad. This is important because for these to truly be a precision truck they need to come with a promise. No one expects to jump on a setup and go 80mph. As a skate rat, I can tell you that people want their setups to evolve with their style of riding and they want parts they can swap out and switch up to get a different feel. I have a few easy ways in mind that you can better taylor to the sport of longboarding and the mindset of the quiver, where each rider becomes their own personal longboard mechanic. There are really talented riders on rojas, but with changes these trucks can make my 70 year old grandma go 80mph.

Matt G.

September 10, 2015

insane stability.

Brandon D.

March 6, 2016

There way sick for freeriding and snaps back to center really fast when you come out of a slide. And in mid slide the trucks hold their position really really well. I have almost doubled my stand up slide length since Iv gotten these. And when you find the perfect bushing set up for them they become limitless. I have a 90a yellow in the front and a 93a blue in the back. I weigh 150. And I have taken these to the sick abq ditches we have here and the next day take them to gnarly fast mountain roads and don't even need to change the bushing set up, or even touch the trucks. They are just extremely stable I can not stress that enough. And they are very turny and responsive at the same time. Just find the right bushing set up for you and you'll be In love with them. I can't even ride normal trucks now. (Caliber, Paris, bear, aera, buzzed, ect.) they all feel the same to me. They feel like they have zero return to center, they feel like they can't hold a strait line well at all, and they just don't feel right all after riding Rojas. Because Rojas have sooo much return to center and stability it blows my mind. They are really turny and playful, yet you can take it to extremely fast speeds with no maintenance. Buy a set. You will not be disappointed. But take the time to find out a bushing setup that works for you.

Jay r.

September 5, 2014

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