165MM Rojas Trucks

*SOLD AS A PAIR* (2 TRUCKS) -NEW hanger bearings -NEW bushings -precision steel spacers...

- Patent Pending Technology - Symmetrical Tension Technology - High-Impact Resilient Hanger - Consistent Axis Geometry ----Learn about the technology HERE

- Precision machined kingpin, hanger/axle, bearing seat, mounting holes

- Old school and new school mounting holes

-165mm hanger, 45 degree baseplate

- Powder coated

- Made in USA

For more bushings visit the accessories page.

Engineered for progression...

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Product Reviews

I've skated probably 100+ bushing setups in my day and nothing compares to the Rojas Trucks Bushings.

It took a little getting used to for changing them out depending on what sessions I was about to have, but with the new formula I don't have to swap them out.

I weigh ~250lbs and found that I like riding the 93aHR for duro for pretty much anything. The trucks are SUPER carvy for cruising around with my wife or at the park, and SUPER stable if I'm bombing hills at 40+ MPH. I took the previous version of Rojas to just over 60 MPH and didn't even get speed wobbles when that 3 minute long speed tuck was kicking in 😂.

When you're doing slides they just feel right. I remember my first time riding them out with Jared. We put a set on my top mount and I had some 40% done wheels. I took 3-6 runs down one of our favorite slide hills in Branson, MO and cored my wheels down to the bearing (first and only time I ever did that on purpose).

Did longer stand up slides than ever before (about 40ft+ conservatively), and even felt confident enough to do some toe-side checks at higher speeds than I'd run before. From low speed technical tricks to high speed standies, the trucks just worked, feeling like a secret weapon for downhill and freeride. I mainly just putt around nowadays, but I can't recommend these highly enough if you're looking for a predictable, buttery and stable ride each and every time. Once your bushings are on and everything is tightened up, there's really hardly any maintenance, maybe a little linseed oil for the bushings after a year or so if they're getting squeaky. But it's really nice when you don't have to tighten or loosen your bushings every session, just take your board out and go. Get some!

Waldo Broodryk

September 10, 2018

Trucks are heavier and taller than most. Mounted on a double-drop, both of these issues can be easily mitigated.

Various baseplate angles would be nice as an alternative purchase option. Like 50° & 30°.

Neutral position is a wonderfully stable & tasty cherry gummy center. This combined with the large range of unrestricted movement, (compared to traditional TKP & RKP geometries) enable a smaller minimum turning radius. The precisionally bearinged pivots allow for much more control. Super sweet trifecta of characteristics.

(I wish there was a HR bushing in-between WHITE & RED!) The discretising of turn-resistance by bushing formula and lack of fine-tuning, make for dialing ride-feel expensive, but if you're planning to buy these, cost likely isn't an issue anyway.

The resilient hanger's material-design, does lend itself to absorbing shock. Throwing down the longboard to the ground before riding, you might notice that your board bounces before it settles.

If you go over regularly-patterned terrain of a certain mode at a particular speed, however, say a bricklaid sidewalk at 16km/h, you might encounter vibrations that become amplied, due to coupling with the mode that the hangers flex back. This does not make it unridable, it's just a funny feeling. Like a high-pass filter on pink noise.

Overall, 8/5 with rice.


March 7, 2018

Let me start by saying I love these trucks. I bought the 184mm in white and I've been trying them out with different bushings. They are stable, the turn/lean is progressive and stable and feels well natural, for want of a better word. I've bought these for a faster board where I'll have harder bushing in them, which I feel is a little bit of a waste, as the amount of urethane really makes these amazing for carving. To be honest I can see myself buying another set.

The precision spacers are great, much better fit than the usual spacers I've seen. The paint seems to be flaking off a little easier than expected, where I've curbed them. But white was a new colour when I ordered them so I suspect this is a teething problem. Especially as I've not heard of others reporting the same thing.

The bushings squeak a lot when you first get them, but like any bushing you can just use paraffin wax to lubricate all the pins. I found it easy to push wax into the bushing holes before I fitted them, and wiping away the excess once they where fitted worked great.

I highly recomend that you don't mix the HR and LR bushings, the different bounce rates feel super strange, or at least it does to me. I currently have a yellow on the front and a blue on the back which feels better than anything else I've tried for free riding, I'll be moving up to black on the back and green on the front or possibly double blue or double black for faster riding.

And they are a little heavy, although really I don't know if I care about that at all. I think maybe these are a 4.5 or a 4.75 thanks to the paint and the weight, but I'm so certain I will buy another set in the future I've given them a 5.

Max B.

July 30, 2016

I first came across the Rojas trucks on my last board. This was before the drop mount bushing had gone on the market. However, Braden boards cut some out for me anyway to try out and give a review. And, I was highly satisfied with the product. I've done quite a bit of research on torsion and concept trucks for long boards. And I must say no orther trucks offer the performance that the Rojas design can provide. The axle on each truck is manufactured to a diameter perfectly fitting the inside of a bearing, eliminating the need for a spacer between the truck and wheel and offering a smoother faster ride. But by far, the most valuable feature of the Rojas hybrids, is their customizable features. Being able to select the proper Durometer and rebound of each bushing, and the perfect width to match your board, provide you with a one-of-a-kind truck manufactured to both the rider and the board. Allowing for comfortable and predictable sliding for those who want to carve with the best of them, or an extra stiff truck that resists speed wobble for bombing hills with ease. I wouldn't suggest any other truck to a true longboarder.

Jacob J.

June 24, 2016

I love these trucks. Absolutely the best freeride trucks money can buy. NO SLOP AT ALL. Would recommend highly to anyone who wants a truck that turns like 85a but stays stable at 40MPH like 93a

Nolan A.

May 9, 2016

The trucks and bushings are great. The main problem is they takes away from the key novelty of longboarding. They are inherently more stable than any 45-45 rkp truck, but there isn't much customization you can do beyond the bushings and a wedged riser or shock pad. This is important because for these to truly be a precision truck they need to come with a promise. No one expects to jump on a setup and go 80mph. As a skate rat, I can tell you that people want their setups to evolve with their style of riding and they want parts they can swap out and switch up to get a different feel. I have a few easy ways in mind that you can better taylor to the sport of longboarding and the mindset of the quiver, where each rider becomes their own personal longboard mechanic. There are really talented riders on rojas, but with changes these trucks can make my 70 year old grandma go 80mph.

Matt G.

September 10, 2015

I consider myself an expert in skateboard trucks & I have never had an easier, more efficient ride than with Rojas trucks. Easier in the fact that the extra bushing provides extra cushion like soft shock risers but also in the surprisingly low profile being under 3 inches tall and only 540 grams considering the bigger bushing and added truck bearings I thought they would weigh a lot more. But most importantly they are super efficient trucks! They are putting what feels like twice the energy that I pump into the board! Now that I know the specs I will think about buying the 129mm for my arbor bamboo skateboard for Christmas and take them to my skatepark! Love you guys!

James J.

August 1, 2015

When I was in Basque country I needed two guys who were using Rojas trucks, last month I bought Rojas trucks and now I can go really more faster than after because when you skate it you have a lot of stability than with classic system of Longboard trucks(aera,buzzed,try)with Rojas you can't have wheelbites because with this system of trucks is impossible,I think that Mischo We can should use Rojas trucks for broke his old speed record

Jorge G.

July 19, 2015

Hey ladies and gents! I’m here to give you all a run down of Rojas Hybrid trucks by Braden Boards. I’m really excited to give you all this review because I believe they are the future of the sport! I will be sharing my experiences/opinions as well as the general specs and characteristics. Both pro’s and con’s will be included to create a most in depth look into what these trucks are about! I hope this will help inform and intrigue the many of you who have not yet experienced this progressive product! Get stoked and enjoy!
I purchased my 184mm Rojas Hybrid trucks last summer after having seen them being put to the test at Soldiers of Downhill 2013 by a couple of Braden Boards team riders. I had heard little about them before, but after seeing them perform so well at such a technical course like Soldiers’, I immediately began following the company online. There was no hesitation in buying them at the first chance I could!
My first session on the trucks was at a local run I had skated countless times before. At first, they felt very different from anything I had ever skated. This was because I was not used to such precision! Within the hour I was riding faster and more confident than ever before. I cannot stress enough how stable and clean the trucks felt. No slop, wobble, or twitch whatsoever! Ultimate stability which bore more confidence in my skating. Never going back or trusting any other trucks again.

Technology in the Rojas Hybrid trucks is totally slopless. No wiggly hangars or worn out pivots here. The hangar rotates on an axle just as a wheel does. Resistance is created by a disc shaped urethane component that uses both tension and compression for ultimate response, stability, and performance. TKP and RKP truck bushings only use compression in providing resistance to the hangar. Also, this is not a torsion truck!

Width: 184mm
Height: 75mm from baseplate to top of hangar
66mm from baseplate to axle
Degree: 45
0 slop
1:1 lean to turn ratio
indisputable stability
slightly higher for more turn and wheel clearance
strong precision-turned steel hangar with “High-Impact Resilience” that retains shape after heavy impact
equal and direct distribution of weight and force to wheels (thanin’ all 4 wheels)
multiple sizes for any type of skating
various shapes and formulas of bushings for exactly the feel you want
“precision and performance without price” (affordable)

slightly heavier than other trucks but heavier is faster and ya’ll could also use the workout
Purchase them now at http://bradenboards.com/home/ and find out for yourself! Are you ready to skate at the next level? Join the movement!

nathan b.

April 13, 2015

There way sick for freeriding and snaps back to center really fast when you come out of a slide. And in mid slide the trucks hold their position really really well. I have almost doubled my stand up slide length since Iv gotten these. And when you find the perfect bushing set up for them they become limitless. I have a 90a yellow in the front and a 93a blue in the back. I weigh 150. And I have taken these to the sick abq ditches we have here and the next day take them to gnarly fast mountain roads and don't even need to change the bushing set up, or even touch the trucks. They are just extremely stable I can not stress that enough. And they are very turny and responsive at the same time. Just find the right bushing set up for you and you'll be In love with them. I can't even ride normal trucks now. (Caliber, Paris, bear, aera, buzzed, ect.) they all feel the same to me. They feel like they have zero return to center, they feel like they can't hold a strait line well at all, and they just don't feel right all after riding Rojas. Because Rojas have sooo much return to center and stability it blows my mind. They are really turny and playful, yet you can take it to extremely fast speeds with no maintenance. Buy a set. You will not be disappointed. But take the time to find out a bushing setup that works for you.

Jay r.

September 5, 2014

When i bought these trucks i was a bit worried about wether or not they would work with my drop-through, but they actually work great! Never before have i been able to make turns as sharp as i can with these (making a u-turn on a small street), and they are just as stable as my old paris trucks, if not better. i would, and have, recommend these trucks.

Niklas Edgren

August 8, 2014

These trucks are the bees knees, only better. They're as stable as you could hope for, while managing not to sacrifice range of motion or generally buttery carves. The response you get out of these trucks super predictable and consistent. I'm in love with these things.

Daniel R.

May 19, 2014

These are my first precision trucks and by far my absolute favorite! I used to tighten my trucks for stability but these are stable and as turny as need out of the box. My second day on them, I broke my personal speed record and I'm cornering like never before. Both old discuss bushings and new plus sign bushings are incredible and stupid responsive. If you've been on the fence about these, stop. Pull out your wallet and get them now! You can't do any better for ANY price. And just so happens these will hurt the bank a lot less than any other on the market. Stockbrokers would scream buy, buy, buy if they were next to you.

Andrew Root

May 18, 2014

“You don’t have to tuck for stability while riding Rojas. Instead, you tuck for comfort and aerodynamics.” I’m not sure if I heard this quote from someone, or if I came up with it. In any case, it is 100% true. When I got my first set of Rojas (184mm), I instantly fell in love with them. Before I got them I was very skeptical because of the totally different geometry. Then I started hearing nothing but good things about them, like how much smoother free-riding is, how insanely stable they are, and so much more. I have experienced all these things with mine.
The biggest problem I had with my first trucks (44° Calibers) is that my board would rock back and forth mid-slide, occasionally throwing me off. The stability and precision of the Rojas completely eliminated this problem. In regards to downhill, I have taken them to 50+ mph on less than perfect pavement and have yet to get speed wobbles. When I got the 174mm Rojas, I fell in love with them all over again, because they allowed me to take sharp turns more tightly and comfortably without sliding out. The new clover-shaped bushings definitely improved the “lean-ability”, while maintaining their amazing return-to-center. I even have a set of 165mm Rojas with “medium” bushings on my Rayne Phantom, and it makes an awesome street/park/bowl/piddle-dicking deck!
The progression I have experienced with these trucks is insane. From triple-digit standies, to 50+ mph downhill, Rojas Hybrids have allowed me to progress faster and have more fun skating than I ever would have imagined.

Andrew S.

September 14, 2014

The product is stopping in customs. I dont know when they want to send it to me. Thats why i havent tried it yet

Jorge M.

March 13, 2018

Just bought these trucks, and it's safe to say.. these trucks are the bomb. I have owned Buzzed, Area, Rey, and PNL -none of them match the performance the Rojas Hybrids have -and they're only $159 -what?! I even sold my PNLs the day I got the Hybrids, ya that serious. Plus you don't have to spend loads of money on different bushings and washers. Super dank trucks!! Get a set.

Jake Gunter

May 6, 2014

These trucks have a very defined center point which I love. In regular trucks the bushing starts to compress right as you start leaning. That's not the case with Rojas. They have an initial resistance but after that the dive and lean on these trucks is unlimited. There is nothing else like em out there.

Elijah B.

July 28, 2017

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