30° Base Plate

This cnc'd rear baseplate and kingpin make a big difference on your hybrid trucks.

If fast free ride and downhill are your style, then riding a split angle front/back base is understood. Slowing down the steering in the rear makes the back truck follow the front truck and promotes a more stable ride.

You'll want to bump up your durometer on your bushing as the steeper angle provides more leverage over the truck.

Single Hybrid Bushing

Original hybrid bushings are 13mm thick. 2mm difference in thickness provides that 'right-in-between"

if the 13mm 93a was just a little too stiff, try the new 11mm 93a

► New bushings shipping out third week of December

Hanger Bearings

STainless Steel Bearings are the most crucial component in our 100% Slopless system.

Rain skate or not, replacing your hanger bearings in your rojas trucks re-creates that smooth, frictionless return to center.
no rust. no slop.

Hybrid Nuts 6-pack

► Includes 2 kingpin nuts and 4 axle nuts

AFter so many times on and off, the nylon inside becomes compressed and compromised. Like oil in a car... replace after so many miles.

Rojas Hybrid Trucks

Zones of compression.
Zones of tension,
and precision where it counts.

we're currently sold out of all hybrid rojas.
we want to implement advancements we made with the 2020's into completely new rojas hybrids.
the goal is to update the bushing platform to the same as the 2020's.
fixed low rake hangers. fixed split degree baseplates. no wheelbite.

with the ability to crossover and mix between all parts with the 2020's!

planning to start this project in 2021

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